Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Table

Acquiring a pool table for your home is a very good investment, since playing the game doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to make it perfect. It could be a good opportunity to strengthen friendships and family bonds whenever you play, and with the right amount of space, you could make it an additional elegant fixture for your home. In fact, for maintenance, this gaming fixture only requires common sense for it to last decades, bringing fun and excitement whether you’re playing casually or practicing for a pool tournament. As such, if you’re still considering about buying a pool table for your home, you need to ascertain some aspects of these tables in order to make sure they fit your tastes.


If you’d want a decent challenge for your pool games, an 8-foot table would be enough for that. Now, if you’re opting for something much smaller, chances are you’d create a lot of clustered balls, which sort of makes things harder for you. In the opposite side of the spectrum, if you opt for larger tables, you might find yourself brimming with frustration because you’ll be forced to make longer, more difficult shots due to its size. Your primary consideration, however, is your home space. You need a pool table that would fit a room with space at all sides to allow you to stroke cue sticks and conveniently store your cues. A 6-foot space per side will be most optimal.

Warranty and Support

Before buying a specific pool table, it’s wise to get references or online reviews by various customers. Also, research on the manufacturer’s guarantees and services after you buy their product based on a written contract. Additionally, make sure that if ever your newly acquired table breaks or loses its levelness after some time, the manufacturer should be there to make it right.

Cost Effectiveness

In this case, it’s not really good to be a cheapskate—splurge on the pool table if you need to. This might not be a good advice if you’re not really in a good economic situation, but if you have an extra buck to spare, go for it. You might not see the investment value early on, but put into consideration that better pool tables could last at least half a century or longer.


Selecting the best pool table is hard work, but once you satisfied these three requirements, you’ll invariably get a good one. If you’re trying to buy a good pool table, you could also go for one with either a blue or green color on it—they’re relaxing to the eyes and aren’t disruptive when playing. So, armed with that knowledge, enjoy your new pool table soon!

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