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Ways to Move a Pool Table

People had always thought that moving pool tables are easy, like maybe get two burly guys and have them take it to the desired location in the most testosterone-loaded way as possible. In reality, lifting and carrying this table across two locations is very tough, due to the fact that pool tables weight about 200 pounds on the average—not to mention its typical structure and design, making it quite a feat to maintain a perfect grip regardless of whichever side you choose when having it moved. Fortunately, it’s easy enough, but not in a sense people usually see it. There are three ways to move a pool table, and they will be discussed in this article.


Basically, you roll the pool table from its origin to its destination after having its legs placed on top of dollies made out of wood. Its main advantage is its ease of use and the lack of the need of extensive effort, with a maximum of two persons required to finish the job. Usually, though, one person is enough.


As the term implies, this method for moving pool tables needs you to disassemble the table, move it by piece to your destination and have it assembled once again. This method is preferable if you’re unable to get dollies for any reason. Dismantling your pool table is actually more common if you want to move your table to another place, and while it’s generally time and effort consuming it works rather well, considering the fact that carrying it whole would require sheer effort and endurance.

Professional Service

Lastly, if you’re not really a DIY person and you don’t want to risk getting into a mishap, this could be your best bet. Hiring professionals for the sole purpose of having the tables moved using the two other methods is fairly straightforward and simple, but may be expensive depending on the mode of transportation and other factors involved.

Of course, if you’d want to hire pool table moving services, you could search the internet or the yellow pages alternatively. It’s a matter of patience, finding a good pool table moving company in your area but could be made easier if you search for online reviews as basis for the company’s quality, reliability and affordability. Once you found the right one for you, call the company and have an appointment booked. Always ask for a quote and search for proof of license and insurance. Finally, have the area around the pool table prepared to make it easier for them once they arrive.

Now that you know your options for moving a pool table, you now have the choice to pick the method which specifically addresses your needs, skills and budget.

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